How to Get Back on Your Motorcycle Insurance Company in 10 Easy Steps

How to Get Back on Your Motorcycle Insurance Company in 10 Easy Steps

In Part 1, we detail the first five strategies on how to reduce motorcycle insurance costs. In part 2, we show the five seconds.

STEP 6 – Review, change or cancel without fail and Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

The flawless coverage, and it’s Twin, PIP, started out as a great idea. His cousins ​​were really going down. Then his state politicians got involved (at the request of insurance lobbyists, of course) and ruined it.You see, flawless insurance coverage was originally designed to have each individual’s losses covered by their own auto insurance company, regardless of who was in default.Today, in many states, motorcycle insurance companies are making a lot of money without blame because insurance companies have convinced state legislators to make “modifications.” Today, because of these changes, auto insurance companies have used blameless laws to reduce payments on a customer claim instead of reducing auto insurance quotes as it should.

So premiums continue to rise and insurance companies end up paying less for claims: someone is getting rich with this deal … and it’s not you.

And to make matters worse, some states (with a very talented insurance lobby) also require an additional premium to be paid in addition to the no-fault premium. This beauty is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

PIP is a “general coverage” coverage and can provide collision, hospitalization, social security disability, employee compensation, personal disability insurance and life insurance coverage.

The problem with PIP and what it covers is …

You’ve already granted most, if not all, of these covers, right? So you are paying twice!

So you should do a few things:

Google “minimum levels of auto insurance required” to check if insurance is required without fail and/or PIP in your state;

Then check your policy. If your state does not require you to have flawless PIP coverage and is in your policy, cancel it. If your state requires No-Fault / PIP … take the absolute minimum. That’s how.If you need to have No-Fault/PIP, apply for and get a deductible from your motorcycle insurance company.

STEP 7: Cancel medical coverage.

Medical coverage, in most motorcycle insurance policies, is a promise to pay “reasonable” medical expenses for those traveling in your motorcycle in the event of an accident and also for anyone in your motorcycle in case anyone hits it.Cancel You don’t need this

Why did you say that? Find out more by clicking here https://www.howmuchismotorcycleinsurance.orgWell, medical coverage as part of your motorcycle insurance policy is a duplicate of yours:- medical plan; – Any life insurance coverage you may have as well; – The liability sections of almost all motorcycle insurance policies written in the USA.