Medigap plans or commonly known as medical supplement plans cover the supplement costs not covered by the Original Medicare plans like the coinsurance or deductibles. There are five Medigap policies which cover the basic coverage. Out of the five policies Plan, C is the most commonly opted. This is because they cover all the gaps an Original Medicare may leave, and keeps you insured in the best way possible.

A Medigap plan C covers the following medical expenses-

  • Part A Medicare deductible
  • Part B Medicare deductible
  • Part A Medicare hospital costs and coinsurances
  • Part B Medicare hospital costs and coinsurances
  • Blood (up to first three pints)
  • Travel emergency (foreign)
  • Coinsurance of a skilled nursing facility
  • Part A Hospice care copayment or coinsurance

Medigap plan C covers almost a; of your basic expenses which were not covered in the original Medicare and much more. When you buy a Medigap plan C you can rest assured that the Medicare supplement policy is taking care of itself and you do not have to pay any excess charges. Along with this, you can enjoy the freedom of access to the top doctors, physicians and specialists.

However, plan C of Medigap does not cover excess charges. Excess charges are the extra charges which are charged by certain doctors and facilities. They can charge up to a maximum of 15%, which you would have to pay yourself if you have opted plan C

If the excess charges are a bit of concern for you and you want them to be taken care of in the supplement plan only then you would rather prefer to look up Plan F and Plan G. both of these plans cover the excess charges. However, most of the doctors do not charge anything extra and you are good to go with plan C. This plan is particularly popular in states where there is a ban on the excess charges. Get information on supplements by visiting

To choose which plan is correct for you won’t be that tough, but to choose a service provider is tricky. There are many big brand companies with their plans in the market. These are popular companies which you might know by name. However, there are other service providers, with a good statistic record which provide a few extra benefits when compared to the big brands. Do not forget to compare all of your options before opting insurance.